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Easy Beginners Guide to SEO

If you commit 20 minutes a day to SEO? 20 Minutes is not that long and using a WYSIWYG editor, WordPress tools or a good text editor if you are coding. You will see a big difference in your rankings on a Search Engines. Go back and edit your page as many times as you like. Search engines will notice that you are active and new content is available. SEO… Read More »Easy Beginners Guide to SEO

WordPress V Blogger

WordPress V Blogger. WordPress and Blogger are 2 of the most popular blogging platforms you can decide between to start a blog or a website. In any case, with regards to the decision, individuals at times have a problem deciding. *Update we created how to start a blog post* The team at 20 Minutes Website have created a WordPress V Blogger post and we are going to share the most… Read More »WordPress V Blogger